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  1. Neave Snake (100397 times)
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  5. Scooby Doo 2: Creepy Cave Cave-In (12320 times)
  6. A Sitch In Time 2 (11786 times)
  7. Autobahn (10148 times)
  8. Beat The Meter (9736 times)
  9. Druggie Bubbles (9294 times)
  10. Alex Trax (8638 times)


  1. Beat The Meter (9736 times)
  2. Balloon Park (5979 times)
  3. Babycal Throw (5854 times)
  4. Togy Ball (5010 times)
  5. Downhill Jumps (6077 times)
  6. Distraction (5267 times)
  7. Guts N Glory (6613 times)
  8. Honey Bunny (5522 times)
  9. Panda Bounce (4972 times)
  10. City Surfing (5468 times)

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Add Like Mad
Add Like Mad
Anyone can add but are you fast? Test your math skills here!
(Played: 2,271)
Animal Maze
Animal Maze
Use the pieces to get the monkey across the water.
(Played: 1,909)
Aqua Energizer
Help Aqua solve the underwater puzzles by pushing the red flashing balls into...
(Played: 2,746)
Arctic Quest

(Played: 4,578)
Ball Eat
Keep the ball away from the red balls and collect the greens.
(Played: 1,859)
Ball Of Madness
Take the small ball and steer it to the end of the level without dropping out...
(Played: 1,611)
Balloon Park
Kids will be sent into the balloon flight by you, and the more tubes you will...
(Played: 5,979)
Blob Twist
Line up the blobs and make the shapes detailed in the game.
(Played: 1,569)
Can you jump all the blobs and have one left standing to complete the level?
(Played: 1,596)
Blow Up
Blow Up
Similar puzzle game to bust a move shoot the ball at others to explode them.
(Played: 1,804)
Swap two neighboring balls to form groups of at least three of the same color.
(Played: 4,006)
Bongo Balls
Use the bubble ball cannon to aim and fire the cannon towards the other balls.
(Played: 2,010)
Brain Machine
Brain Machine
Pick the number to complete the equation at the bottom. Every second you will...
(Played: 1,594)
How good is your memory? Match all the symbols by simply clicking on them.
(Played: 1,592)
Bubble Trouble

(Played: 4,149)
Carrot Sweeper
Help Bugs Bunny pick the carrots from Elmer's garden but be careful! avoid th...
(Played: 1,910)
Civil Hangman
Civil Hangman
Here is a cool version of hangman. If you dont guess the answer, the stick ma...
(Played: 3,000)
Crazy Maze
Get the green ball from start to finish avoiding all obstacles in your way.
(Played: 1,777)
Creepy Crossword
Creepy Crossword
Guess the answers to vampires, zombies, witches and question about other ghou...
(Played: 1,725)
Crypt Raider
Move the mystical blue balls into the portal to escape the level!
(Played: 17,136)
Cupids Crush
Align 3 or more diamonds to earn a huge amount of bonus points.
(Played: 1,871)
Help Walter defuse all the bombs.
(Played: 1,696)
Digital Switch
Switch the digibots using the buttons and collect the coins that match the co...
(Played: 1,642)
Dinky Smash
Another arcade style game where you have to pile similar dinkeys to accumulat...
(Played: 1,594)
How deep can you drill? Drill down through the blocks while trying to avoid r...
(Played: 1,896)
Match the symbols to get three in a row.
(Played: 1,707)
Free The Pharaoh
Free The Pharaoh
The Pharoah was buried with all of his possessions and now it's time for him ...
(Played: 1,662)
Frog Mania
Frog Mania
Control all the frogs and make them eat dragon flies.
(Played: 1,535)
Gogo Pogo
Pogo your way around this puzzle!
(Played: 1,668)
Guess the hidden phrase to complete a level.
(Played: 1,804)